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Why Did We Build

Cart Sentry?

Over 30% of customers, in a study reported abandoning their cart due to a long or confusing checkout process. In other words, failure in the checkout design or process was the third- highest reason for cart abandonment.

Spoiler: Multi-page checkouts create more opportunity for confusion

However, There’s a lot of reasons why somebody might leave your website with an incomplete purchase - including hidden or extra fees, lack of trust in the security measures,
and forced account registration.

If you are a Shopify merchant, you should be aware of the shopify checkout and its multi-step process which sometimes kills your conversion! This is why we have created a powerful checkout that will combine everything for you in one page with amazing features to sky rocket
your checkout.

Using cart sentry, Dramatically increase conversion rate, Speed up customers checkout process and enjoy more conversions.

Our Goal

Cart Sentry is fully powered by OJMD Solutions Business Support Services Philippines. Our goal is to make eCommerce easier for entrepreneurs from Philippines to the whole world. 

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